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Virtual Battery

Do you rely on batteries to power any of your pedals? Due to the design of some pedals, they need an isolated power source to operate properly. If you try to power them from a non-isolated source such as a daisy chain they can be noisy and, in some cases, can even damage your precious pedals. How would you like all the benefits of batteries with none of the drawbacks?

The Virtual Battery reduces noise and improves tone.  If you have vintage effects that need batteries to operate, or modern effects that simply need an isolated 9V supply, then the Virtual Battery can solve all your problems.

Simply connect the Virtual Battery to your power supply and then plug the other end into your pedal.  We offer the Virtual Battery with either a standard 2.1mm centre negative polarity connector or, for vintage effects, a 9V battery clip connector.

As far as your pedal is concerned, it's operating off battery power.  Which means great tone, reduced noise and no restrictions on daisy-chaining.  All with the convenience and low-cost of using a power supply.

That's right, with the Virtual Battery you can daisy chain pedals that couldn't previously be daisy chained.  You get an isolated output straight off a daisy chain power supply!  You can even power 18V pedals off a 9V daisy chain by using two of Virtual Batteries together (battery clip connector option only).

Please note: The output of this product is 300mA meaning some digital pedals will not be sufficiently powered.


Our Price: £29.99

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"I have never felt the need to do this before but your service is quite simply brilliant & I feel you deserve to be told!  I sound like an old man saying this but good service is getting harder to find. I will be recommending you to any friends looking for equipment."
M Trotter, St Ives, UK

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T O'Malley,Lincolnshire, UK

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L Burley, Northampton, UK

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M Bulman, Sheffield, UK

"What a bargain. Thanx folks!"
D Herra, Bath, UK

"Thank you very much for being so helpful and for such a quick delivery."
K Trevor, Hampshire, UK

"Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with EffectPowerSupplies' service. When I first enquired about the EHX Memory Boy, I didn't expect a reply out of office hours, but very pleased! I didn't see it cheaper anywhere else, either. As for the pedal, I love it. Brilliant all round - I'll place another order with you soon."
J Brooks, Derbyshire, UK

"Great customer service, clear stock information, competitive prices, prompt delivery. Good stuff."
P Robinson, Staffordshire, UK

"Blistering service, thanks again for your speed and instant advice."
G Paul, West Yorkshire, UK

"Thanks again chaps.  Got my new pedal power supply this very morning, the day after I ordered it.  I'll be back again with orders from my friends."
J Stenning, Somerset, UK

"Thanks for the mega speedy delivery.  I'll be recommending you to everyone."
A Braidwood, Braemar, UK

"Just want to comment on your excellent service. Well done guys. Just what is needed when required. A service to be truly recommended to others."
J Broadbent, Yorkshire, UK

"A big THANK YOU for the excellent service! The EH Holy Grail arrived safely yesterday - well packed and fully operational straight out of the box! Only problem I had was the missus telling me to "TURN IT DOWN!" whilst evaluation was in progress!"
M Graham, Essex, UK

"WOW!!!  That’s as good as it gets in customer service.  I’m really impressed"
I Mantel, Suffolk, UK

"Your business is an absolute bullseye for guitar players."
T Papa, Netherlands

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P Earnes, Northallerton, UK

"Your customer service has been exemplary"
P Blunt, Wiltshire, UK

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A O'Brien, London, UK

"Thanks very much for a great service"
H Gaydon, Alderney, Channel Islands